Our Approach

We are committed to delivering high quality, cost-effective, customized services in a timely manner.

Our professional team has decades of experience in improving compliance performance and the effectiveness of management systems.

We're proud of our excellent customer service and promise to deliver your project with integrity and accountability.

Meet the Collaborators


Brigitte Roth

Principal Consultant

Connie Lum

Connie Lum

Collaborating Consultant

Brigitte is a certified environmental professional with ECO Canada and has over 22 years' experience in:
- achieving legislative compliance,
- optimizing and integrating management systems,
- conducting risk assessments,
- preparing and improving emergency response plans,
- planning and executing annual emergency test exercises and debrief sessions,
- carrying out compliance and management system audits, and
- developing and delivering training related to the above areas of expertise
Learn more at Brigitte Roth's LinkedIn profile.

Connie provides project management and environmental regulatory compliance services to clients in industrial sectors including automotive, healthcare facilities, ready-mix concrete manufacturing, construction, asphalt manufacturing, scrap metal/construction yards, wood furniture, food manufacturing, and general manufacturing.

Connie is the proud owner and operator of Envirolum Consulting Inc.  Learn more at Connie Lum's LinkedIn profile.